Seahawks 2024 7-round mock draft: John Schneider stands pat and wins

No trades still churns out huge gains.
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Seahawks get just one player on day two, but make the most of it

Yeah, yeah, I know, 12s. There's no way Schneider sits on his hand and doesn't pick up the phone a dozen times on day two and trade up to the second round. That would be after he already made a dozen calls on day one. But in this psychotic little experiment, the Seahawks general manager and Executive VP goes with his gut and sticks with the 81st overall selection.

Good thing, too as the Hawks double down on the defensive line and take Michigan defensive tackle Kris Jenkins here. He's ranked fourth on the consensus big board linked above, and fifth by Pro Football Focus. According to PFF, the run-stop percentage for the 6'3" 299 lb senior ranks at the 99th percentile. That's great news for the turnstile that has been the Seahawks' run defense. As much as I like Jarran Reed he's only under contract for this season. Johnathan Hankins at the other tackle position is a short-term solution at best, so the Hawks need another defensive tackle in this draft.

Considering his dad (Kris Jenkins Sr.) was a four-time Pro Bowler, there's every reason to believe Kris Jenkins 2.0 has the tools to turn into a similar player. His dad was also a second-round pick and weighed just 285 pounds when he came out of Maryland. After two seasons as a first-team All-Pro, he battled injuries for a couple of years, returned to the Pro Bowl twice, and eventually transformed into a 360 lb nose tackle. If Jenkins can match his dad's career, that would be a major win for the Hawks.

Hawks head coach Mike Macdonald is quite familiar with him, as Jenkins got 350 snaps as a sophomore when Macdonald was the Wolverines' defensive coordinator in 2021. According to NFL Draft Buzz, Jenkins tested out as another physical freak, much like Murphy. Both men tested among the strongest linemen in the draft. While Murphy lined up almost exclusively at the A or B gap, Jenkins got 418 of his 1,129 total snaps over the opposing offensive tackle and 126 as a defensive end. Murphy and Jenkins would be one heck of a dynamic duo. You decide who's Supes and who's Bats.