3 Seattle Seahawks players who cannot afford to regress in 2023

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Geno Smith - Seattle Seahawks quarterback

Surprise! The quarterback is on this list! (OK, that's not really shocking, of course, but Smith is a bit different than most other quarterbacks.) See, Smith still has to prove himself all over again to pundits and fans and opposing teams. He sat for seasons behind really good quarterbacks, and by the time he got his chance to start again in 2023, he was also very good.

But Smith also seemed to not be as good at the end of 2022 as he was at the beginning. This is a little odd because Russell Wilson had the same issue for many seasons while he was with the Seahawks. Is there something about the offense that halfway through a season other teams figure out and Seattle's quarterback struggles more?

No matter what any concerns are, Geno Smith has to be able to lead this young and talented Seahawks roster to the playoffs. He needs to be a voice of reason and veteran calm in the locker room while also kicking some butt on the sidelines during games when that is needed. It looked like he could do that in 2022, but again, that was last year.

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Opposing defensive coordinators know Smith a bit more now and what he has tendancies to do. Smith will need to adjust to the changes he sees and still learn and grow in his second season as Seattle's QB1. He certainly has an abundance of weapons around him and he needs to get the best of out them and himself. Otherwise, Seattle could have a losing season.