Seahawks all-time draft Day Three dream team: Hawks field a ferocious defense

Seattle found incredible defensive talent on day three of NFL drafts.
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The Seattle Seahawks have consistently found great players late in the draft. I can't say you'd win the Super Bowl every year with this squad, but it's definitely better than a lot of defenses you'll see taking the field in 2023. I'm not saying this is the greatest Seattle defense ever, but some of those all-time greats are right here.

One might argue that the Seahawks have done their best drafting on day three. They have certainly made the most of these picks. When you think about it, Seattle needs to be good on day three. The Hawks typically don't have the luxury of selecting early in the draft. That's what happens when you're consistently good, as opposed to oh, the Cardinals. Arizona would have to reel off 209 consecutive wins to get to .500 for their all-time record. Yeah, I don't think that's happening.

Alright, enough bird bashing. It's fun, but it's too easy. Let's talk about the amazing job the Seahawks have done on day three of the NFL draft. Every unit, from the defensive line to the linebackers and on to the secondary, features at least one player who should one day be in the Hawks Ring of Honor. The day three offensive team is decent, all things considered. But this defense, it's just plain nasty.

Seahawks stout defense didn't start with Pete Carroll

While defense has been the hallmark of the Seahawks under Pete Carroll, it didn't start with him. He and John Schneider drafted just four of the eleven players I've listed here. Carroll's beginning his 14th year with the franchise, so he's run 14 of Seattle's drafts. That's just over 29 percent of the Hawks' 48 drafts.

So, not to get mathy or anything, but if Carroll drafted the same percentage of late-round stars as total drafts, he'd have found three diamonds. In fact, he drafted four, and you could certainly argue three of those are the best of the group. So kudos and huzzahs to Carroll and Schneider once again. And now, on to the players.