Seahawks all-time draft Day Three dream team: Hawks field a ferocious defense

Seattle found incredible defensive talent on day three of NFL drafts.
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This Seahawks secondary brought the heat

CB: Dwayne Harper, 1988, 11th round. Let me address this right now. If I revisit this topic just two years from now, I'm quite certain that Tariq Woolen will be right here. Yes, after just three seasons, if he continues to play as he did as a rookie. But I can't justify naming him as the best based on one year, so Harper is safe. For now, anyway. Harper played in every game as a rookie, then made 13 starts in 1989 at left corner. He'd be a fixture there for the next four seasons, before moving on to the Chargers. This was in the Stone Age of NFL stats so I don't have pass defense data. But Harper did nab 13 of his career 24 picks for the Hawks. And listen, how many passes are you gonna pick off with Eugene Robinson patrolling the field?

FS: John Harris, 1978, 7th round. Speaking of interceptions, Harris ranks third all-time for the Hawks with 41, just one fewer than Robinson. Not too shabby for a guy taken with the 178th pick, now is it? Seattle knew what they had with Harris as he started every game at free safety as a rookie. That, and the team was coming off a 5-9 season, headed into only their third year of existence. Harris was more than up to the task, though. In his 11-year career, he would never intercept fewer than two passes. He reached a high of 10 picks in 1981, taking two to the house.

SS: Kam Chancellor, 2010, 5th round. Come on now, you knew this man was coming. Even Niners guy knows this man. Has there ever been a more devastating hitter at safety - or heck, anywhere - than Bam Bam? Some might say Ed Reed, while others would vote for Ronnie Lott. I'm not about to disrespect either player, nope, not at all. All I know is if Mars ever attacks again, I wouldn't even take Jim Brown in his prime in that battle. No sir, I want Kam Chancellor and his 421 bone-crushing tackles. Obviously, Chancellor belongs in the Ring of Honor - and for that matter, in the Hall of Fame.

CB: Richard Sherman, 2011, 5th round. Speaking of the Seahawks Ring of Honor, I did say that at least one player from each group deserved enshrinement. Sherman is even more likely than Chancellor to make the NFL Hall of Fame. I can't say he deserves it more than Kam, but no one deserves the honor more than Sherman, either. Despite the fact that no quarterback of sound mind would throw his way, Sherman still ranks fourth all-time in interceptions for Seattle with 32. He's also second in pass defenses with 99, although to be fair, we don't have that data before 1999.

The day three draft offense was okay, especially as it's powered by the double Chris's, Warren and Carson, But this defense is straight danger. Chancellor and Sherman anchor a near air-tight defensive backfield, while Sinclair and McCrary make life miserable for the opposition quarterback. Who's running past Bryant? No one, that's who. Wright is certainly the star of the linebacking corps, but everyone can play. All but a few teams in the league would take this defense right now over their own. Considering half of these guys are in their 60s, that's quite the endorsement.

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