Seattle Seahawks: All-time rushing leaders in franchise history

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Number 2: Seahawks running back Chris Warren

Chris Warren is an exceptionally underrated running back in Seattle's history. He had four-straight 1,000-plus rushing seasons and went to three straight Pro Bowls from 1994 to 1996. Considering just how bad most of the Seahawks teams were when he played, two things should be noted. How he is not more well-respected because he was the entire offense at times? And how much better would he have been had he played much in his first two seasons?

Warren finished his Seattle career with 6,706 yards, one more than Curt Warner, though if you asked most people who follow football who was better they'd likely answer, "Curt Warner because I don't know who the other guy is." This might be due to the fact Warner played at Penn State and was a star in college while Warren split his time between Division III Ferrum with his first two seasons at Virginia where he didn't do much.

Warren had some incredible seasons with Seattle, however. Yet through his first two years in the NFL, Warren had 17 total carries and 24 total rushing yards in then-head coach Chuck Knox's "ground chuck" offense. Then Tom Flores became head coach and must have thought, "This Warren kid might be OK." And he was. In Flores' first year with the Seahawks, Warren had 1,017 yards rushing. In 1994, Warren had 1,545 yards, second in the NFL. And in 1995, Warren was second in the league with 15 rushing touchdowns.

In total, Chris Warren played 11 seasons in the NFL with eight of them coming in Seattle. He earned two second-team Associated Press All-Pro teams and had 44 rushing touchdowns (fourth in Seahawks history). Warren now coaches high school football.