5 best backup quarterbacks in Seattle Seahawks history

The Seattle Seahawks have had a number of good starting quarterbacks over the years, but the backups haven't been bad either.
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Russell Wilson and Matt Hasselbeck are two of the best quarterbacks in Seattle Seahawks history. Everyone, not just 12s, knows their names. Wilson, of course, is still playing, though not yet at the same level he was with Seattle. Maybe 2023 will be a bounce-back year for him for his new team, the Denver Broncos.

Hasselbeck was a starter in Seattle from 2001 through 2010. He led Seattle to its first Super Bowl appearance where the Seahawks were robbed of a victory by the referees (it still stings!). But even though Wilson and Hasselbeck were the main starters, at times their backups were good as well.

Plus, everybody loves the backup quarterback, right? A fan gets mad at the starter and screams to put the backup in all the time. It doesn't normally happen, of course. But if that did happen over the seasons for the Seahawks, the five guys that follow would have been capable fill-ins.

Five best backup QBs in Seattle Seahawks history

Seahawks backup QB No. 5: John Friesz

Freisz was a backup for four years in Seattle from 1995 through 1998. He started his career with the San Diego (now Los Angeles, obviously) Chargers after being a sixth round draft pick out of Idaho in 1990. In his second year with the Chargers, Freisz started every game for 4-12 San Diego. After spending a season with Washington in 1994, Friesz signed as a free agent with Seattle prior to the 1995 season.

Friesz joined the Seahawks in probably the teams overall worse decade of football. In 1994, Seattle was 6-10 and then went 8-8 in Friesz first year as the backup. Rick Mirer was the starter, but Friesz was able to start three games when Mirer was hurt. Though Seattle went just 1-2 in Friesz's starts, his raw number were better than Mirer's on a per-start basis. While Mirer threw 13 touchdown passes, he was picked off 20 times. Friesz threw 6 touchdowns and just 3 picks.

In 1996, Freisz backed up Mirer again, but Freisz saw action in eight games and started six of them. Once again, he was much better than Mirer. Seattle went 7-9 in 1996, but in the games Freisz started, the team went 4-2. Freisz threw 8 touchdowns passes against 4 interception and his quarterback rating was 30 points higher than Mirer.

Friesz played two more seasons in Seattle and backed up Warren Moon. He only saw action in two games after 1996. Still, he finished his time in Seattle with a record of 6-5 with 16 touchdowns passes and 12 interceptions and led 3 4th quarter comebacks.