5 best backup quarterbacks in Seattle Seahawks history

The Seattle Seahawks have had a number of good starting quarterbacks over the years, but the backups haven't been bad either.
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Seahawks backup QB No. 3: Seneca Wallace

Seneca Wallace played with Seattle from 2005 through 2009, but just to show how there was still a bit of a stigma when it came to how executives viewed African-American quarterbacks, most teams saw Wallace more as a wide receiver than a quarterback because of his athletic ability. (Wallace even played some wide receiver for Seattle, but there was no doubt he was ever going to make the move full-time to the position if the starting quarterback got hurt.)

Thankfully, now having African-Americans start at the NFL level is no longer an issue, and the league and many teams are the better for it.

Wallace played the last two years of college at Iowa State and while his touchdown-to-interception ratio wasn't great, it was more due to the lack of talent around him than his ability. This ability became very well known during Wallace's 2008 season when he started eight games due to starter Matt Hasselbeck being injured on two different occasions. The team went just 3-5 under Wallace that season, but he had a spectacular touchdown-to-interception ratio of 11 to 2.

This ratio actually led the NFL, as did Wallace's interception-per-pass percentage of only 1.2 percent. If a backup's job is to come in and not have the ball turned over and keep the offense moving, Wallace did this extremely well. He also threw a 90-yard touchdown pass to Koren Robinson in Week 9 and this still stands as the longest touchdown pass in Seahawks history.

Wallace left after the 2009 season and played three more seasons - two with the Cleveland Browns and one with the Green Bay Packers. Wallace finished his time in Seattle with 14 starts and threw 25 touchdown passes against 14 interceptions with a passer rating of a decent 83.1.