Seahawks draft: 4 best fits for Seattle on Day 2 of the 2023 NFL draft

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Great fit No. 2: Seahawks should take quarterback Hendon Hooker

While the Seahawks didn't take a quarterback in the first round, that doesn't mean they won't take one in this draft. Seattle fell back to something they used to do in early 2010s drafts which is take the best player available instead of taking a player who just fit a position of need. Witherspoon and Smith-Njigba are athletic guys who will had speed to the team, and Seattle doesn't need a quarterback right now.

I still see a lot of posts on social media that Geno Smith is not good. This is confusing as anyone who saw Smith play in 2022 would know that he is, in fact, actually good and was the most accurate passer in the league last year. He could be even better in 2023 and was signed this offseason to a three-year extension.

Hooker, though, makes sense for Seattle in the second round. He might not be able to play in 2023 anyway after tearing his ACL so late in the 2022 season. Assuming Seattle takes him and he sits and learns for a season while also not being able to play due to injury, he would be a restricted free agent after his 2026 season and not an unrestricted one. That is important as if Hooker is the starter by 2025, he'd still be easy to keep around for at least three years.

But Hooker is an accurate passer with excellent running ability as well. He makes smart decisions and doesn't turn the ball over. He could be the kind of point guard-type quarterback that Seattle really likes and works well with Seattle's system.