Do the Seahawks boast the best receiving group in franchise history?

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Seahawks 1984 group - Steve Largent and Daryl Turner

You can not make a list of the greatest Seattle Seahawk wide receiver rooms and not include NFL Hall of Famer Steve Largent. With good reason too. Obviously, Largent goes down as one of the best players in franchise history; the dude dominated in the 80s with subpar quarterbacks.

In 1984 Largent paired with Daryl Turner to form one of the best receiver tandems in Seahawks' history. Largent recorded 74 catches, 1,164 receiving yards, and 12 touchdowns. Turner impressed with 35 catches, 715 receiving yards, and 10 touchdowns. These numbers would be considered impressive in the NFL today as the game has changed to become a more pass-oriented game.

The double-digit touchdowns by each would probably make them both Pro Bowl players in the game today. The team finished the season 12-4 and beat the (then) Los Angeles Raiders in the Wild Card round. The 3,423 passing yards and 32 touchdowns by quarterback Seahawks quarterback Dave Krieg were huge numbers back in the 1980s (consider the fact the Hall of Fame Broncos quarterback John Elway only had one 4,000-yard season, albeit in a league that was a lot less pass-happy as it is now).