3 biggest overreactions to Seahawks Week 2 game versus Lions

We take a look at three of the main overreactions, following the Seahawks' enthralling Week 2 37-31 overtime win in Detroit versus the Lions.
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Overreaction No. 2: Jason Myers is a liability

The poor kickers always seem to be an easy target to pick on. Fair or not, they're essentially expected to be perfect. So whereas they don't always get their kudos when being successful, it only takes one missed kick to enrage the fans of whichever team you're playing for.

Enter Jason Myers. Already under scrutiny after missing one field goal attempt a week earlier, he missed another two during the second quarter in Detroit. This includes an atrocious miss wide left, on a 45-year attempt.

As a result, people on social media were up in arms, with a variety of angry reactions. Everything across the board, from saying it's time to be worried about Myers, to questioning why he was on the team. And from certain delightful individuals he was being told to, shall we say, go forth and multiply.

Certainly, a 50 percent success rate on field goal attempts is not a good look for a kicker, along with missing two kicks in the cozy confines of indoors, where weather is not a factor. Plus, we're talking about a kicker who signed a four-year contract extension during the offseason, worth up to $22.6 million. However, to claim the 32-year-old is suddenly a bad kicker is an asinine take.

After all, we're still talking about the same player who just last season had a career year. Myers hit on 34 of 37 field goal attempts, including all six from 50+ yards. He finished with a career-high 143 points, to lead the NFL in scoring.

As a result, the Chula Vista, California native was named First-Team All-Pro for the first time in his NFL career. He also earned his second Pro Bowl selection, and first with the Seahawks. With this kind of success, it was no surprise he was signed to his aforementioned contract extension.

Overall, there's no denying Myers is off to a poor start in 2023. However, he's dealt with adversity before and each time pulled through and proved his worth. There is no reason to believe he won't come through again and return to his status as one of the best kickers in the NFL.