3 biggest winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks final roster decisions

The Seahawks initial 53-man roster has quite a bit of talent.
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Seahawks winner No. 2 - DB Coby Bryant

Coby Bryant has made himself almost un-releasable for Seattle. He can back up at safety, and he can start in the slot. Seattle had a few surprises for the 12s this offseason. Not only did the team sign Jarran Reed this offseason but while many likely rightfully assumed he would be a starter at defensive tackle, Seattle instead put Reed as nose guard. Another surprise was having the starting nickel in 2022, Bryant, spent a lot of time playing safety.

Bryant had not played the position before so he had a huge learning curve to get anywhere near the field. But in preseason Week 2 he was on the field at safety a lot. And he was pretty good. He still needs to learn his coverage assignments much better, but that will come with time. Bryant, however, proved he had the ability to inflict pain on ball carriers after moving up from his safety spot.

In Week 1, Bryant could very likely be the starter at nickel again. Rookie corner Devon Witherspoon has missed a bunch of time with a hamstring injury. Expecting Witherspoon to start the season across the line from the Los Angeles Rams excellent receiver Cooper Kupp seems like a mistake. Bryant isn't the equal of Kupp either, but he would put the Seahawks in a lot more favorable position that rookie Witherspoon would.

Eventually, however, Witherspoon is going to overtake Bryant as the starter. Seattle spent too much draft capital on Witherspoon to have him sit on the bench. But Bryant allowed himself to prove he could be pretty decent wherever Seattle put him so Bryant might get as many snaps at safety as he does at nickel this year.

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