5 bold predictions for the Seattle Seahawks 2023 NFL draft

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Bold prediction No. 4: The Seahawks pick offense-heavy starting in the third round

The Seahawks currently have 10 picks in the 2023 draft. I assume they will choose potentially high-end defensive players first. But starting in the third round, I think Seattle tries to go for offensive depth. This includes a couple of picks along the interior of the offensive line.

In the third round, Seattle will take Ohio State center Luke Wypler. Wypler needs to gain some weight (he is only 300 pounds) but he is tall enough at 6'3" to do that. Once in an NFL weight training program, Wypler should have no concerns adding a bit of mass with most of it being muscle. He is excellent at making line adjustments, though, and could be the starter at center by 2024.

Seattle could also add a guard or two later in the draft and hope they create solid backups. Or heck, maybe Seattle goes crazy for Florida's O'Cyrus Torrence and he is the immediate starter at right guard. Either way, Seattle needs more depth in the interior of the line.

Seattle will also add another running back in this draft and players like Kentucky's Chris Rodriguez or Pittsburgh's Israel Abanikanda make sense for the team because both backs have a bit of girth and should be solid in backup roles. Abanikanda, in particular, makes a lot of sense as he is a one-cut runner, much like Kenneth Walker, and that is what the Seahawks' system needs.