5 bold predictions for the Seattle Seahawks 2023 season

The Seahawks could be destined for another postseason appearance in 2023.
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The Seahawks will finish second in the NFC West and make the NFC Championship game

Whew. Deep breath. OK, so what is actually going to happen in 2023? Will Seattle make the postseason again and will they make a deep run in the postseason if they actually get there? My guess is yes.

I do think, however, that if the San Francisco 49ers stay healthy, they are going to win the NFC West. They just have so much talent on both sides of the ball and their offensive scheme meshes perfectly with the players they have. Over the course of an entire season, San Francisco is likely better than Seattle.

But there is no reason for the Seahawks not to finish second in the division. The Los Angeles Rams and the Arizona Cardinals have nowhere near the talent that Seattle has. The Cardinals, in fact, simply look like they are trying to tank the season and they hope to end up with potentially both the top picks in the 2024 NFL draft.

I think the Seahawks make the playoffs, even though they have a tough schedule, and a big reason is that they should go 4-0 against the Cardinals and Rams. Once in the postseason, Seattle can be a dangerous team and will pull off an upset before falling in the NFC Championship game. The season after this one could be really special, though.

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