4 bold predictions for the Seahawks vs. the Lions in Week 2

  • Seattle to use the RBs more?
  • Can the offensive output continue?
  • Who wins between Seattle and Detroit in Week 2?
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Seahawks running back Kenneth Walker will gain 120 yards and score 2 TDs

One of the few parts of the Seahawks offense that was working in Week 1 was Seattle's running game, specifically Kenneth Walker III. Strangely, Seattle didn't run the ball enough against the Rams. For all those people who complain Pete Carroll likes to run the ball too much, just remember that Seattle threw the ball 60.9 percent of the time in Week 1 (12th in the league) and in 2022 Seattle passed the ball 59.4 percent of the time (13th in the NFL). More often, Seattle doesn't run the ball enough.

Against the Rams, Walker ran the ball only 12 times and gained 64 yards. He averaged 5.3 yards per rush. The rest of the offense averaged just 3.4 yards a play the 34 times Geno Smith wasn't handing the ball to Walker. And Seattle nearly completely went away from the run in the second half. This made Smith throw the ball far too much and made drives end too quickly so that the Rams dominated time of possession in the second half.

The Lions, however, allowed 3.9 yards per carry against the Chiefs. That isn't a ton, but that number was still 19th in the NFL. The Lions weren't fantastic against the pass, but they were also playing Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Detroit didn't get much pressure against Mahomes, but the Kansas City offense is a different kind of beast than most every other NFL team.

The Seahawks are also unlikely to have left tackle Charles Cross. This is likely to affect Seattle's passing game more than the running game because Walker can run between the tackles and break off a long run or three. Handing the ball to Walker more in Week 2 than Week 1 is a must for Seattle.