4 bold predictions for the Seahawks vs. the Lions in Week 2

  • Seattle to use the RBs more?
  • Can the offensive output continue?
  • Who wins between Seattle and Detroit in Week 2?
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The Lions beat the Seahawks in a relatively low-scoring game

My guess is that Week 2 feels like three years for 12s. Week 1 was such a letdown because the team looked so bad. Or maybe the team just isn't what we thought they would be in 2023. Of course, it's super easy to overreact to Week 1. That is rarely indicative of how a season will play out for a team. Will the Kansas Chiefs go 0-17 and never have Travis Kelce and Chris Jones? No.

Seattle will also get some talent back soon, too. Rookie cornerback Devon Witherspoon will practice this week and probably should play in Week 1. He could potentially be a disruptive play-maker. Jamal Adams will be back at some point soon as well and he could enhance a struggling pass rush. There is still hope over the length of the season.

Having said that, Week 2 won't have Jamal Adams and the game will be Witherspoon's first so expecting him to be great the first time he steps foot on the field in a real game might be asking too much. So yeah, starting 0-2 in the 2023 is a very real possibility for Seattle. That doesn't mean they won't still make a run at the postseason, however.

I don't expect the Seahawks to put up 45-plus points in Week 2. They have done so in each of the last two meetings with the Lions. I guess a truly bold take would be watching what Seattle did in Week 1 and then thinking they can be 32 points better the following week. That seems wrong. More likely, the Lions use a short passing game to control the clock, picking up third downs when Seattle can't get them off the field. Seattle scores 20, but the Lions score 27.

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