4 bold predictions for Seattle Seahawks versus Carolina Panther in Week 3

Seattle is 1-1 and plays 0-2 Carolina in Week 3, but Carolina's defense could be trouble.

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The Seattle Seahawks face the banged-up Carolina Panthers in Week 3 at Lumen Field. Seattle has already lost one home game in 2023 (Week 1 to the Los Angeles Rams) so losing another one would be very bad. Plus, the Panthers are a beatable team.

The Panthers will be without two key defensive players and could be without quarterback Bryce Young. However, Young is still finding his way and the Panthers could be more dangerous with a veteran backup quarterback. More on that in just a second.

What remains to be seen is just how healthy the Seahawks are, too. Boye Mafe (knee) missed Week 2 and didn't practice Wednesday. He likely could make a much bigger difference against the run than Darrell Taylor. To beat Carolina, Seattle has to stop the run. Here are some predictions for Week 3.

Prediction No. 1 - The Seahawks will play Jamal Adams some in Week 3

We know that oft-injured Jamal Adams is not back to practicing fully this week. Head coach Pete Carroll has been hesitant to say Adams will play against the Carolina Panthers, however. Part of the issue is that Adams has been hurt so many times in his Seattle career that the coaching staff probably just has no way of knowing how Adams' body will respond to get a lot more snaps in practice.

Isn't it scary to have a talented player get hurt so much that a team simply has no idea what his availability will be, like...ever? The best hope is that Jamal Adams practices quite a bit, then plays in a real game, and then is good enough to play the next week, and then the game that follows, and so on. That's what most players do, but most players don't get injured as much as Adams nor are as talented with the potential to make a defense-changing impact.

My guess is that Jamal Adams does play some in Week 3. I certainly don't expect him to play the entire game; That would be rushing him back too quickly probably. But he likely comes in on pass rush opportunities and I think he even gets a sack that sends Lumen Field into a frenzy. The issue is that saying Adams will play at any point feels like a "bold" prediction.