3 boom or bust prospects the Seattle Seahawks could draft in 2023

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Seahawks draft 2023 boom or bust No. 2: Anthony Richardson

This one is obvious, right? In college, Richardson was an inaccurate passer but at times simply was a man among boys as far as physicality. He can run over nearly anyone, even an NFL player, but quarterbacks get paid mostly to throw the ball and read the defense and choose the right option to throw or run. We don't yet know if Richardson can do that.

We know he can easily throw the ball about 70 yards in the air. That is great if a quarterback faces zero pressure and his receivers are not covered. But as we all know, quarterbacks are under constant pressure in the NFL, and professional cornerbacks get paid lots of money to blanket receivers. Richardson's pro day was great, but it isn't reality.

What we know is that Richardson has a great arm but he struggles with accuracy. He only completed 53 percent of his passes in his last season in college. He seems like a good person, so there appear to be no character issues, but a good NFL quarterback has to be able make and complete all kinds of throws. Richardson has issues with the intermediate passes and that is a major concern.

That said, he would learn better technique from an NFL quarterback coach. Plus, I am sure Geno Smith would pass along some words of wisdom which would help him. But there isn't anything we've seen from Richardson that he is yet capable of being an accurate passer.