Breaking down the turning point in Seahawks disappointing loss vs. Rams in Week 1

If one play had gone differently in Week 1, there is a chance the outcome of the game could have been different too.
Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks four-game Week 1 win streak was snapped in perhaps the most shocking upset of the weekend as the Los Angeles Rams enforced their will on Lumen Field Sunday afternoon. Surprisingly, Seattle looked lifeless in an opener of a season where many perceive the Seahawks to be one of the better teams in the conference.

With that said, I never put too much stock into the outcomes of Week 1 games. It was just two seasons ago when Seattle started off with a dominant 28-16 victory on the road over the Colts with the team firing on all cylinders. They ended up 7-10 and that was Russell Wilson's last season with the Seahawks. The point is, that a Week 1 victory or defeat isn't going to define the remainder of the season.

Although, that doesn't mean you just ignore Week 1 completely. There are valuable lessons to be learned. Maybe, in this case, do not overlook an inferior opponent. Seattle was certainly the better team entering this matchup and it looked like it early on, especially on offense. But, after one missed opportunity in the first half, things took a turn for the bad.

Turning point in Week 1 defeat: Seahawks fail to captialize on momentum

On the Rams third offensive possession of the game, Seattle's defense held firm and forced a field goal attempt. Even though this may not sound like an impressive halt, at this point of the game, it was important for the Seahawks defense to gain momentum and table this Rams offense featuring a bunch of inexperienced wide receivers. Not only did they stall the drive, but they made a game-shifting type of play.

An exceptional play by Jarran Reed positioned the Seahawks to finish the first half strong. With the offense coming off three straight scoring possessions, it appeared as if they were bound to put a dent in the Rams hopes. However, a missed field goal attempt by Jason Myers seemed to alter the trajectory of this game.

After that, this is how the Seattle Seahawks offensive possessions went:

  • 5 plays, 5 yards -- 1:03 total time
  • 7 plays, 5 yards -- 1:35 total time
  • 5 plays, 2 yards -- 0:36 total time
  • 6 plays, -9 yards -- 1:41 total time
  • 2 plays, 9 yards -- 0:11 total time

The Seattle Seahawks tallied 12 total yards in the second half of this ball game. Now, if Jason Myers makes the field goal, I am not saying the second half wouldn't have gone as poorly. This defeat was in large part due to effort and preparation. Regardless, it just felt like the missed opportunity sucked some life out of this team on both sides.

For argument's sake, if Seattle makes the field goal or does one better, and scores to go up 20-7 before halftime, a tremendous amount of pressure is applied on this Cooper Kupp-less Rams offense. Now, I know the Rams ended up missing a field goal before halftime, but even still, a 20-10 score compared to a 13-7 score can make a big difference in a sense of urgency.

Unfortunately, this season didn't start out as expected for the Seattle Seahawks. We can only hope that getting punched in the mouth on their home turf serves a wake-up call and propeller for a better Week 2.

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