3 burning questions Seattle Seahawks fans are asking ahead of Week 2 vs. Lions

  • More three tight end sets?
  • Is the DC bad?
  • Is Seattle as bad as they showed in Week 1?
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The Seattle Seahawks are 0-1 after a terrible loss in Week to the Los Angeles Rams. They travel to Detroit to play an improving Lions team in Week 2 and Seattle is a banged-up bunch. Things don't look too good right now, do they?

But maybe we can just throw away what happened in Week 1. First games of each year can be weird. Sure, losing to an NFC West rival to begin the season and look horrible doing it isn't fun, but one game might not be indicative of how the rest of the season will go. Let's just see how the season goes a bit before passing real judgement.

But fans have lots of questions about the 2023 team and rightfully so. 12th Man Rising posed a question on social media about the biggest questions heading into Week 2. What follows are responses to three of the questions.

The Seattle Seahawks could be a bottom-five team

Are they really a bottom-five team or was that an anomaly? - Jacob S.

The "bottom-five team" part sounds rough until one does a little digging. FanSided's Russell Baxter had Seattle 27 in this week's power rankings. While 27 is actually the sixth-worst team in the NFL, it would simply be splitting hairs when one argues that Seattle didn't play like a bottom-five team in Week 1. The Seahawks looked inept in every phase of the game except punter Michael Dickson.

There are a few different ways of looking at this, of course. One is to simply forget what happened against the Los Angeles Rams as 1) the Rams always give Seattle fits, and 2) Week 1 can be weird for any team. Just ask the New York Giants. They lost 40-0 to the Dallas Cowboys. At least Seattle didn't look quite that bad.

Another way of looking at Seattle looking so bad is that, well...At least they will get a high draft pick in the 2024 NFL draft. I know that's not a great thought right now, but maybe there's some positivity to come from how Seattle's season might go. If you are a 12 that doesn't like Seattle's quarterback situation, the team could address that early in next year's draft. Or maybe a great defensive tackle? But let's hope the season turns around beginning in Week 2.