Seahawks and Byron Murphy II get shafted by NFLPA marketing scheme

Murphy will just need to focus on winning instead.
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Baseball has a saying that goes, "Chicks dig the long ball." This overtly sexist phrase comes with a smirk. Baseball does not think, "I really hope there are a lot of home runs in this game so that women will come to watch." In essence, every one of us is a chick because home runs are exciting and baseball knows it and uses the offense for marketing the sport.

Offense in the NFL is also more interesting than some 3-0 game, and this is why the NFLPA and some of its marketing partners decided to slight the Seattle Seahawks and Byron Murphy II. Seattle's sin was daring to choose a defensive player in the first round of the 2024 NFL draft. General manager John Schneider was thinking about trying to win over selling tickets, and that did not help Murphy. Thankfully, the move might help Seattle for several years.

Between May 16 and 19, the National Football League Players Association will hold its annual Rookie Premiere. This will feature marketing partners of the NFL and other business entities and the point is to, of course, create money. 40 first-year players were invited to be at the event and, oddly and as if on show, the players will wear their uniforms the entire time. One might wonder if they will serve dinner and drinks as well.

Seattle Seahawks rookie Byron Murphy II can focus on winning rather than marketing

One of the biggest issues is that of the 40 players invited, only two were defensive players. Nothing screams, "If we want to make money, these guys need to only play one side of the ball!" like this event. The two defensive players invited were Minnesota Vikings rookie Dallas Turner and Indianapolis Colts edge rusher Laiatu Latu. This means that the NFLPA chose two defensive rookies who might get sacks, not who might be the best overall.

The entire message seems creepy. Making players play dress-up and parade around for marketing execs while those execs likely drink high-priced whatever seems trashy. But hey...if it makes money it's worth it, right? That must be the thought.

Still worse is that this is the NFLPA hosting the event and not strictly the league. Those who had to fight for what they earned and use the same system owners used to try to make their money.

At least the NFLPA could have invited the defensive players chosen highest in 2024. Seahawks defensive tackle Byron Murphy II was the second defensive player taken (also, no Seahawks players were invited). He just plays the wrong spot, clearly. He might be extremely disruptive, but unless he gets 14 sacks in many seasons no one will care is what the NFLPA is implying.

Meanwhile, the NFLPA prances players such as New Orleans Saints rookie quarterback Spencer Rattler (a fifth-round draft pick) and Green Bay Packers rookie quarterback Michael Pratt (a seventh-round choice) around because "chicks" dig the offense (or ad execs do, obviously). Forget integrity by showing those players perceived to have the most talent. The NFL is all about money, after all.

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