Seahawks news: AI changes 2014 NFC Championship, and DK ranks best WRs

AI gets silly and changes the outcome of the 2014 NFC Championship game between the Seahawks and Packers.
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Seattle Seahawks training camp starts in less than two weeks! After months of waiting, real games aren't too far off. We are, in fact, less than two months away from the beginning of the 2023 season (September 10th).

But our friends at FanSided's Green Bay Packers site, Lombardi Ave, have done some sinister. They used ChatGPT to refigure the end of the 2014 season's NFC Championship game between the Seahawks and the Packers. You probably remember this game, right?

Well, we know Lombardi Ave does because I guess they still can't get over the hurt of seeing the team they write about lose a game they really shouldn't have lost even though it's been nearly a decade since the NFC Championship game was played. I would ask them to move on, but to be fair, I really can't get over the game either. It was a fantastic freaking miracle!

Seahawks lose to Packers after all? and DK picks his guys

But instead of this

ChatGPT says the game still goes into overtime but that Green Bay gets an interception and then kick a field goal to win it. Good thing ChatGPT can't change the past and 12s will have true-life fond memories of one of the best games in Seahawks history.

DK Metcalf's best receivers ever list

Speaking of greats, who do you think are the best wide receivers in the history of the NFL/ Well, Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf has a strong opinion, and at the top of the list isn't Jerry Rice. Rice, of course, might be argued by the majority of people as being the best ever. Metcalf, though, says he thinks Antonio Brown is the best.

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Metcalf gave his list on CBS Sports' All Things Covered and after Brown, he had Randy Moss, Terrell Owns, then Rice, and after Rice it was Julio Jones. All great receivers, and Metcalf has a right to his opinion, of course, and it is an informed one. DK Metcalf is, obviously, a great receiver himself.

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