How the Seattle Seahawks are getting close to contending again

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks / Jane Gershovich/GettyImages
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In what was arguably the most important NFL Draft in the history of the Pete Carroll and John Schneider era, it appears on paper that the Seattle Seahawks came away as one of the big winners. While we'll need to wait and see how these rookies perform on the field, it looks like the Seahawks are staring down the potential of back-to-back dominant drafts and a free agency period where the Seahawks were also one of the big winners. 

While fans of the Seahawks and the majority of the NFL media battled over whether Seattle would take polarizing defensive tackle Jalen Carter or take a shot at a young quarterback, the Seahawks surprised many by taking star cornerback Devon Witherspoon out of Illinois. John Schneider showed that his newfound "best player available" philosophy from 2022 was here to stay.

This mindset continued as the Seahawks once again had a strong draft, always looking to add talent to the roster rather than forcing a pick to fill a need. This continues a trend of refocusing and reloading. Some would call it a rebirth by the legendary Seahawks regime that was in a peculiar spot just 14 months ago when they traded Russell Wilson away to Denver.

The Seahawks are very close to being contenders again

Pete and John wiped the slate clean, and in not even two full off-seasons, have the Seahawks looking like the biggest threat to the Philadelphia Eagles this season. That's right, I believe that the Seattle Seahawks are the second-best team in the NFC. Your Seahawks are getting close to true contention.