How the Seattle Seahawks are getting close to contending again

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks / Jane Gershovich/GettyImages
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What is left to be done for the Seahawks?

While the draft was an A- in my opinion, there's still questions that need to be answered. Whether the Seahawks run a 3-4 or return to the old scheme, another veteran presence or two on the defensive line is important. Immediately after the draft we saw Poona Ford and Al Woods sign elsewhere, so the list of vets that can help are dwindling.

I don't think any crazy splash is needed, but with some extensions and some potential cuts, veterans like Shelby Harris, Michael Brockers, or Pacific Northwest native Ndamukong Suh could go a long way to helping this rush defense go from disappointing to average, which probably would have won the Seahawks 12 games in 2022.

The Seahawks were 6-3 and at their best last year when they were able to stop the run, protect Geno and allow him to step up in the pocket to make championship level throws. If Seattle can get their defense off the field by shutting down the run and let their talented secondary dominate, then they can let the offense cook with its new toys.

The Seahawks should improve on their number 9 offense and number 25 scoring defense. A top 5 offense and top-16 defense should be on the table. This will be the 6th season since the LOB era, it's time for Pete to get the defense where it needs to be. If they can do that, and Geno delivers, they could get to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl.