Seahawks could completely rebuild with these roster cuts 12s would hate

If Seattle has a bad 2024, these players could bring enough savings in 2025 for the team to rebuild.
Dre'Mont Jones of the Seattle Seahawks
Dre'Mont Jones of the Seattle Seahawks / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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Wide receiver DK Metcalf

Cap savings in 2025: $22,000,471

Most likely do not want Metcalf to leave. There are some who might hold his penchant for picking up needless 15-yard penalties against him (and that would be fair), but that also is a side effect of the passion Metcalf plays with. The drive to succeed even is seen in Metcalf missing only one game due to injury in his career. Heading into the NFL, many assumed Metcalf would not stay healthy.

He has also become the Seahawks' alpha in the wide receiver room. He led the team in receiving yards by more than 200 in 2023, and he led the receivers in yards per reception by more than four yards a catch. He is the best receiver Seattle has and the statistics bear that out.

Metcalf does represent the kind of player the team has few of, however. That means Seattle could likely get a decent return in a trade for the receiver. If the team needs to go in full rebuild mode, getting a high-draft choice or two might make Metcalf an important trade piece. Let's just hope the Seahawks are successful in 2024 and Metcalf stays on the team for many more years.

Wide receiver Tyler Lockett

Cap savings in 2025: $17 million

There are three options with Lockett next season. That he reworked his contract this offseason to take less money overall but push a lot of his cap hit to 2025 might imply the soon-to-be 32-year-old receiver is thinking he might retire next offseason and become a full-time realtor. He has a booming real estate business in Seattle and his group is the official realtor of the franchise.

Lockett could also keep playing, of course. If he does, though, that might not be with Seattle. The team will have to make some difficult financial decisions next offseason, and keeping every top player is simply not going to be possible, unfortunately. Lockett's cap hit of $30,895,000 is the third-highest in the NFL in 2025 and while Lockett has been a great person and excellent player during his time with the team, he would be overpaid next season.

Jaxon Smith-Njigba also might ascend to be WR2 this year which would make Lockett a highly expensive WR3. Take away the name "Tyler Lockett" and look at the move from a purely financial one and moving on from the receiver makes sense, even while being quite sad.