Seahawks vs. Cowboys Week 13: 4 bold predictions include a Seattle rookie exploding

  • A rookie balls out for Seattle
  • The Cowboys pass rush
  • A guess of who will win between Dallas and Seattle

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Drew Lock
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Geno Smith gets replaced by Drew Lock but not because of ineffectiveness

Geno Smith is going to take a beating in Week 13. Seattle has issues protecting the quarterback no matter who they play it seems, but the Cowboys are a different beast altogether. Dallas is fourth in sacks (37), 10th in quarterback hits (68), and third in sack percentage (10.2). Plus, because Dallas is only 21st in quarterback knockdown percentage, they basically take every advantage of sacking the quarterback when they get close.

The Cowboys also have the fifth-best quarterback rating allowed (77.7) in the NFL this year. Seattle's struggling pass offense doesn't appear to have a good chance of getting better against Dallas this week. And I do not think it will with either Geno Smith or Drew Lock. But Smith suffered a biceps injury in Week 11 and he is still dealing with soreness from that.

I don't think Smith plays all that poorly against Dallas; He just won't have much time to throw and won't have open receivers to throw the ball to. He will likely get banged around so much that by the third quarter when the Cowboys have a fairly comfortable lead causing Seattle to want to throw even more, the Seahawks eventually just take Smith out because he is being roughed up so much.

Drew Lock will come into the game midway through the third quarter and over the next quarter-and-a-half will throw two interceptions and lead Seattle to a field goal when they start on a short field to begin with. Lock will get sacked twice and not complete half his passes.