Two ways the Seattle Seahawks could create immediate cap space

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The Seattle Seahawks basically have zero cap room left heading into the 2023 season. But they could create some by doing two simple things. One of them you probably won't like and the other you will.

According to Spotrac, the Seahawks currently have $8,669,616 in cap room. While that is true, it's also misleading. That number doesn't take into account the contracts that will be signed, but have not yet, by first-round pick Devon Witherspoon and second-round choice Zach Charbonnet. Those two contracts combined eat up a bit over $5 million in cap space which means Seattle's number goes down to a bit over $3 million in cap room.

Take into account the current 90-man roster and Seattle is well over the cap. The good thing for the team (bad for any players as they will lose jobs) is that by Week 1 of the regular season, Seattle should be right at the cap ceiling or slightly under. Still, there are two quick ways Seattle could open more cap room if they saw a player in free agency, or one is a surprise roster cut just before the season begins, and wanted to be able to sign said player.

Seattle Seahawks have two real options to create more cap space

One is to release Jamal Adams. This is the one you probably don't like. I can't make this clear enough, though: I do not want Jamal Adams to be released. He is a good player when healthy and a seemingly great teammate. But it isn't normally healthy enough to help his team on the field.

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Adams has played just half the games (25 of 50) that the Seahawks have played since Seattle traded for Adams prior to the 2020 season. Right now, that deal is a huge bust for the team. Hopefully, Adams can come back early in 2023 and stay healthy and be disruptive, but currently, there is no known timetable for when Adams will be healthy enough to play. Releasing him now would save the Seahawks $8 million in cap room.

The second way Seattle could open some cap room is by extending edge rusher Uchenna Nwosu. Nwosu is signed through 2023 but is only 26 years old and should be productive for several more seasons. An extension, of course, would have to be agreed to by the player and team and would cost Seattle a pretty penny long-term, but Nwosu showed in 2022 he is worth a pay raise.

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He tied for the team lead in sacks (9.5), had more than 60 quarterback pressures, and easily led the team with 26 quarterback hits and 12 tackles-for-loss. A three-year extension could save Seattle $5 million in cap space this season. A number that high could bring in another very productive veteran looking for a new home.