4 critical observations from Seattle Seahawks training camp so far

The Seattle Seahawks started practicing with pads this week and have a preseason game next week.
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Seahawks are trying very hard to find the right DB mix

In fact, I should change the heading to not "trying very hard" but instead being extremely meticulous. And while every team should be very picky about who they start, the Seahawks have another issue and it's a good problem to have. Seattle simply appears to have almost too much talent in its secondary right now and not enough places to play all their good players.

In fact, Coby Bryant, who played nickel in 2022, has recently gotten workouts at safety. Bryant is capable of playing strong safety, at least, but he is also being pushed out of his job a bit because fifth-overall pick in the 2023 draft Devon Witherspoon has been getting a bunch of reps in the slot because he's being pushed out of a presumed starting outside corner spot by Michael Jackson.

But if Bryant gets reps at safety, where do Julian Love and Quandre Diggs go? We can assume the Seahawks have two definite starters in the secondary: Diggs at free safety and Tariq Woolen at one outside corner spot. We might be able to assume that Witherspoon is going to start somewhere, but where? And I'm not even mentioning Jamal Adams who would start if he was healthy, but who knows when he might be?

If I had to guess right now (and trust me, I will likely be wrong), I would say the starters are Woolen and Jackson on the outside, Witherspoon in the slot, while Diggs and Love play on the back end. But no matter how it works out, the Seahawks should have a capable starter with a lot of good depth.