Recently added Seattle Seahawks who are already cut candidates

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The Seahawks are a bit over two months away from having to finalize their 2023 roster, but some new Seattle players might already be at risk of being released. There are various reasons why this might happen whether it be Seattle drafted a player who can take a veteran's spot or maybe there simply isn't room for the vet with Seattle already having a player to take their spot.

I am not saying any of the players on this list should be released, only that they could be. So if I happen to mention your new favorite Seahawk, please don't be mad. This is nothing personal. Plus, if these players are released and the player who takes their spot is good then that is best for the greater good, right?

I also don't have a surprise player like Bobby Wagner here. Why would I do that? Wagner is going to be a Seahawk at this point for likely as long as he wants to be. But who might not be with the Seahawks in 2023? The following three players.

No. 1: Seahawks cut candidate Mario Edwards, Jr.

Edwards has bounced around quite a bit in his eight-year career. Beginning this season, the Seahawks would be his fifth team. It's not that Edwards is bad, but he is limited. He won't chase down many quarterbacks from his defensive end position - he has a career-high of 4 sacks which came in 2020. He did have 11 quarterback hits in 2022, but that was two better than his previous high so one shouldn't expect the same kind of production in 2023.

So Edwards is basically a decent run-stopper as a DE. But according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required), every other season since 2018 Edwards has either been good against the run or bad. He graded at a solid 72.7 in 2022 against the run, but an atrocious 47.4 stopping the run in 2021. With Seattle adding Mike Morris through the draft, Edwards might have a short stay in Seattle.