One site gets the Seattle Seahawks defensive front seven all wrong

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Everybody who has a website with any kind of opinion on the NFL is ranking things this time of year. But one site gets the Seattle Seahawks defense's front 7 ranking wrong in many ways. To be fair, the site, theScore, is my go-to app for live scores. It's easy to read and quick to update, but they are very wrong when it comes to where they rank Bobby Wagner and company in 2023.

theScore ranked all 32 NFL teams in terms of how good the front sevens of their defense are. Seattle ranked "below average" at 21. Those quotes are not meant to be sarcastic, by the way. 21 out of 32 is literally below average. But what makes the ranking really confusing is that the write-up of the Seahawks front seven seems to rave about the unit.

More on that in just a second. I do at least want to point out that theScore thinks Seattle's front seven is better than half of the NFC West. The Arizona Cardinals are ranked last (poor Cardinals seem to be getting a lot of hate directed towards them this offseason) and the Los Angeles Rams, who normally have had a fantastic defense until they apparently decided to rebuild this offseason, are ranked 27th.

theScore gets the Seattle Seahawks defensive front seven all wrong

But theScore's Seahawks synopsis reads like the group would be ranked much higher. Per theScore

"Wagner is back in Seattle, and his return gives the Seahawks one of the best linebacker duos in the NFL. When it comes to getting after the quarterback, Jones, Nwosu, and Taylor are a trio to be feared. Jones put himself on the map while with the Broncos, while Taylor and Nwosu combined for 19 sacks in 2022."

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So let me get this straight. Seattle will have one of the better linebacker duos and overall the defense will have a feared pass rush. Does that sound "below average"? That reads like theScore expects the Seahawks to have a very good front seven on defense.

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Plus, the graphic theScore uses for rating the front seven has nine players with three edge rushers, three interior defensive linemen, and three inside linebackers. Only two of the inside linebackers will be playing at once and likely only two of the edge rushers, but possibly three of the interior defensive linemen so the graphic is a bit odd.

Plus, let's be positively real. Dre'Mont Jones should be very good compared to other NFL interior defensive linemen. Bobby Wagner is one of the better linebackers in the league. Darrell Taylor might be pushed out of his by both Derick Hall and Boye Mafe.

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My point is that it is OK for theScore to be wrong and they likely are. The Seahawks defensive overall should be much more dangerous in 2023. And the front seven could potentially be spectacular.