DeForest Buckner to the Seattle Seahawks?: How to make it happen

The Seahawks could create one of the best pass rushes in the NFL with the addition of Buckner.

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How the Seahawks can make a deal with the Colts

Proposed trade: Seahawks trade 2024 3rd round pick (Seattle’s own) and TE Noah Fant to Colts for DT DeForest Buckner

We mentioned earlier how the Colts as a franchise are all over the place, and that might even be an understatement. It’s pretty clear that the Colts, with a rookie coach, rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson and disgruntled running back Johnathan Taylor, are not in the same place as the 29-year-old vet who’s looking to get back to the Super Bowl while he’s still in his prime. The Colts are not a playoff team and need to begin building a healthy environment for Richardson. 

With Indy on the path of building a contender within the next 3-4 years, Buckner doesn’t fit the timeline, and he has a healthy cap number going into 2023 ($17.25 mil) and 2024 ($22.75 mil) as well. On the surface, a trade may seem unrealistic, but I believe that Pete and John can make it work. Buckner is a native of Hawaii and has experience on the west coast throughout his collegiate and early professional career. I think that Buckner would not only love to be on a contending team, but would love to be closer to home. 

With this in mind, the Seahawks can make a trade with the Colts, and then sign Buckner to a 1- or 2-year extension. This would lock Buckner in Seattle for 3-4 years, likely the rest of his prime years. This extension would also allow the Seahawks to lower their current cap number, much like they did with Nwosu. 

Even with $6-7 million being shaved off the Seahawks 2023 cap number with a Buckner trade/extension, they will need to send a player to get under the cap line, and Fant’s $6.85 million would help immensely. I really like the potential of Noah Fant in this offense, but as long as Will Dissly is on this team, and Colby Parkinson in a walk year, I think the Seahawks would be fine without Fant. 

In this trade the Seahawks once again take advantage of the Denver Broncos, sending a 3rd-round pick when they have two in 2024, to get the deal done. 


When I look at this trade, I see a deal where both sides come out winning big. The Colts lack offensive weapons, and will be looking at any opportunity to open cap space and collect future draft picks. Fant provides their rookie QB an all important safety valve, and the potential for a brighter future. 

The Seahawks acquire a blue chip player at a position of great need, officially committing to their championship window opening, while not blowing up their future draft picks. You look at the way this franchise has been reborn since trading Russell Wilson, DeForest Buckner is the final piece in this rapid and remarkable reload. Make this deal, Seattle, and you can get to the Super Bowl. 

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