Seahawks DK Metcalf is being played, and he doesn't even know it

You can be an aggressive player without committing stupid penalties
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These Seahawks had the most aggressive games ever

I'm not going to compare his penalties to Tyler Lockett. Somehow, Lockett turns in stats worthy of the Hall of Fame, but doesn't need to be an aggressive player at all. But that's fine. Let's look at a couple of Seahawks who definitely took no prisoners on the field, and see how they stack up to Metcalf. No, I'm not talking about defenders like Kam Chancellor. Nope, we'll review two of the baddest players that ever suited up for the Hawks on offense: Doug Baldwin and Marshawn Lynch. Surely Angry Doug and Beastmode had more than their share of unnecessary roughness calls, right?

I'm not going to break down the penalties for each player year by year, but - oh, what the heck, why not? Beginning with his rookie season - because that's how careers work - Angry Doug had 3, 1, 1, 2 in 2014, (1 for unsportsmanlike conduct), 0, 2, 1, and 2 penalties. Notice that's a total of 12 penalties in eight seasons and only one penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

As for Beastmode, his numbers are 1, 2, 1, 1, 2 in 2014 (1 for taunting), and 2. Wow, 2014 was a chippy year in Seattle. Lynch's numbers are only for his years with the Hawks, because who cares about those other teams? No, I didn't count that one game in 2019, either, as he didn't have a penalty. So Marshawn amassed a grand total of eight penalties in six seasons.

So please tell me again why DK has to be allowed to play like DK, yet Doug Baldwin and Marshawn Lynch played over 9,000 snaps and were flagged just twice between them for what I endearingly refer to as boneheaded plays? Metcalf has 13 of those in less than half the snaps. You don't have to get mathy to know that there's a problem there.

But you know what, I will get mathy one more time, just for the heck of it. Baldwin and Lych combined committed these penalties approximately once every 4,660 plays. That's approximate because I don't have the exact snap counts for Lynch before 2012. Regardless, that's a lot of smashmouth football with a tiny number of penalties.