Seahawks draft history at pick 16 will not give 12s confidence in 2024 NFL draft

Seattle's single number 16 pick was extremely bad.
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The Seattle Seahawks currently hold the number 16 overall choice in the 2024 NFL draft. The chances of Seattle sticking with that selection are slim. General manager John Schneider has a history of trading back. This is especially true when the team needs to add picks and 2024 is certainly that kind of offseason.

While Seattle has seven selections right now, five of them come in the fourth round and after. Seattle does not hold a second-round pick currently. Ideally, Schneider would work his magic, trade back a few places, and add a second-round choice. This might allow the Seahawks to take a player they want over one they need in the first round.

But let's assume Seattle stays at pick 16 for now anyway. Chances are that whoever Seattle chooses will become the best 16 choice the team has ever had. I do not mean in years down the road. If the player does nearly anything productive next season, he will be the best ever.

Seattle Seahawks made a huge mistake at pick 16 in the 1991 NFL draft

That is because Seattle has only had one pick 16 in the history of the franchise. That came in 1991 when Seattle chose quarterback Dan McGwire. McGwire was a lumbering player who had one good year in college and who did not have a quick release. He was a statue when dropping back to pass and then an inaccurate thrower.

In his rookie season, he was the backup to Dave Krieg, one of the best quarterbacks in team history, but in the preseason of 1992 he was going to be given a chance to start but was so bad in the preseason that he ended up being named third-string. Through his first three seasons, McGwire had just two starts and threw only 42 passes. 23 of those were complete but for just one touchdown while he threw 3 interceptions.

He was so bad, in fact, that Seattle chose Rick Mirer in the first round of the 1993 draft. Mirer was then made the starter but suffered an injury in 1994 and McGwire started three games. In those games, he led his team to a 1-2 record but completed only 33 of 71 passes for 410 yards, no touchdowns, and one interception. McGwire was out of football for good after the 1995 season.

If the Seahawks make the same kind of mistake in the 2024 draft at pick 16 that they made with McGwire, we can assume Seattle is about to be bad for a number of years. But surely, the proverbial lightning will not strike twice, right? That is the hope.

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