3 Seahawks draft scenarios for pick number 5 overall

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The Seahawks are in a prime position selecting number five overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. There is a good chance John Schneider and Pete Carroll have been prepping contingency plans for what do in any given scenario when the Seahawks pick at five. With Seattle having their first pick in the top five of the NFL Draft for the first time since 2009, Schneider needs to get this right.

There are tons of draft speculators debating what the Seahawks will do with their first pick, taking a quarterback or selecting a defensive lineman appears to be the likeliest outcome. However, knowing Pete Carroll and John Schneider expect the unexpected. Four teams pick before the Seahawks do, which complicates the Seahawks' draft board as it usually does for every draft.

3 different ways the Seahawks could use the number 5 overall in the 2023 NFL draft

The stakes are much higher this year though because of where the Seahawks are picking. Decisions made by the teams in front of Seattle could impact what Schneider wants to do at five. Just depends on how many teams take a quarterback and if any decide to trade up ahead of the Seahawks to take one.

The Colts and Panthers are likely to each take a quarterback; barring a massive unforeseen surprise, given they both have big needs at the quarterback position. As you will see, what the Texans and Cardinals decide to do at picks two and three could have a big impact on Seattle’s first pick. Here are three draft scenarios for the Seahawks at pick number five.