3 Seahawks draft scenarios for pick number 5 overall

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Seahawks scenario 2

This time the Panthers will take QB Bryce Young first overall same as before. However, the Texans cannot find a trade partner and decide to select DE Will Anderson second overall. Then the Cardinals will take DT Jalen Carter at three. The Colts follow by taking QB CJ Stroud at fourth overall.

This is a solid opportunity in my opinion for the Seahawks to take the best QB prospect left in Anthony Richardson at five. He is the best player available on the board at this spot in the draft and teams rarely have this opportunity to take a QB as talented as Richardson. Yes, there are other needs for the Seahawks to fill, but remember the same thing was said about Seattle when they drafted Russell Wilson in 2012. Richardson would be a first-round pick not a third-round pick, however, the parallels are similar.

The decision comes down to John Schneider who is a fine evaluator when the decision comes to picking QBs. He almost selected Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen in previous drafts and he will not pick a QB here unless he is certain he loves the pick. Could the Seahawks select a QB later? Yes, they could take a QB later, but whoever the later QB selection is will not be as sure a bet as Richardson in the first round.

There are plenty of defensive lineman in this draft, as well as defensive backs, to sure up the defense in the late first round or middle rounds of the draft. If you do not like the idea of taking a QB in the first round that is fine. What would you do in this draft scenario then?