Drew Lock could still be the long-term answer at QB for the Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys
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Seattle quarterback Drew Lock could still be the long-term answer for the Seahawks. In what was originally viewed as a 'throw-in' in the Russell Wilson trade, Lock was not brought in to fill the void left by Wilson. He was brought in to, well, give Seattle another QB with NFL experience. If Chad Henne could stick around as long as he did, why couldn't Lock play meaningful downs?

Lock was given high praise initially by the coaching staff. Some looked at it as lip service, others who had seen him throw knew that the coaches weren't joking.

We all know the story. He was given every opportunity to win a starting job and become the bridge QB until the Hawks draft the next franchise player. With virtually zero pressure on him in camp, Lock could not beat out career backup Geno Smith, and the rest they say, was history.

Drew Lock could still be the long-term answer at QB for the Seattle Seahawks

No slam on Geno, he was awesome this past season. Deserving of any and all praise he received. Silly that people still do him dirty and question his skill. Right now, Geno is the best quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks offense/system. Leave it right there.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll went as far to say, "Drew Lock would have been the first quarterback picked in this year’s draft", referring to the 2022 NFL Draft. I too share those sentiments. Drew Lock is big, athletic, competitive, has quick feet, he can run, has a quick release, and has a strong arm. Oh, that arm.

"He can throw the ball a mile down the field." Does this equal a great quarterback? It should. He pretty much checks every single box for what you would be looking for in an NFL QB. Sure, he has a bit of a strange personality, but most quarterbacks are weird.

Elite arm talent does not always equal an elite NFL quarterback. Lock reminds me of former Broncos and Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Actually, the two are much more alike than people realize. Cutler, like Lock, had a crazy good arm. Easily the best in the NFL during his 'prime'. Lock, when he has been on, throws one of the prettiest balls in the league.

Both Lock and Cutler are big, athletic quarterbacks, with a bit of a quirky side. The big difference is Lock is not a jerk. Smokin' Jay, or "Don't Care Cutler", was the most apathetic player the NFL has ever seen. Lock is cocky, to a fault. If his on the field performance matched his energy level, he would be praised for his personality, not questioned. The difference between these two is that Lock is in a simple system designed to help him succeed, with great coaching. Jay Cutler on the other hand, was not, and many a head coach and offensive coordinator paid the price for his struggles or questionable throws.

Lock entered the NFL with high expectations after a promising glimpse during his rookie season in 2019. Lock threw for 1,020 yards, 7 TDs, 3 INTs, a 64.1 completion percentage, and an 89.7 QB rating, in just 5 games. His second season in the league, and first as a starter, he regressed, throwing 2,933 yards, 16 TDs, 15 INTs, a 57.3 completion percentage, and a QB rating of 75.4. In his third season, he was beaten out in training camp and became a backup.

The NFL is crazy. A 'win now' league that affords very little time for rookie quarterbacks to develop. It is so critical for the development of these young guys to watch the speed of the NFL from the sideline, and learn how to be a professional quarterback from a veteran. Have a look at Aaron Rodgers. Similar skill set to Lock (not the same football IQ or accuracy). Yes, I just said that. Plus, they are both really weird humans.

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Say what you want about Drew Lock. He checks every single box. Oh, and he is still only 26 years old. The Seahawks also know a thing or two about backup quarterbacks eventually finding success in the NFL. Lock is 'locked' up for one more season. With Geno Smith under contract for the next three seasons (at most), if Lock sticks around and learns how to succeed in the Seattle offense. the team could unearth a diamond in the rough.