3 early roster cuts that could instantly help the Seattle Seahawks in 2023

NFL teams have until 1 pm PT on Tuesday to set their initial 53-man rosters.
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Seahawks could sign nose guard Bravvion Roy

The Carolina Panthers gave up on Bravvion Roy fairly quickly. He started nine games in his rookie year of 2020, but that fell to just two games in 2021, and four games in 2022. He dealt with a hamstring injury last year and that landed him on IR for a stretch of games. He didn't seem to really recover from that.

Roy did play against the Seahawks last year in Carolina's surprising victory over Seattle. He played pretty well, too, as he had 2 tackles on just 11 snaps. He finished the season on a high note by getting in on 4 tackles against New Orleans on 40 snaps, his second-highest of 2022. He can also play some special teams.

I think what Carolina thought they were getting in the sixth round of the 2020 draft when they chose Roy was a guy who had the size to play nose guard but could also get occasional pressure on quarterbacks. He isn't really built for that, however. Still, Roy is 6'1" and 330 pounds and certainly has the size to be a backup to Jarran Reed in the middle of the Seahawks defensive line.

Roy was waived in August by Carolina, and then picked up by the Bears who then released him on Monday. Pete Carroll was sneaky with 12s this offseason when he didn't really mention Reed was going to be the starting nose guard in 2023. Reed had never played the spot before. He might be decent, but expecting him to not get much rest is also a mistake and Roy can help give him a few plays off.