3 emerging training camp surprises for Seattle Seahawks ahead of 2023 mock game

The Seattle Seahawks hold their 2023 mock game (i.e. glorified practice) on Friday as part of the team's Football Fest.
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Julian Love looks like he could easily replace Jamal Adams long-term

This is meant as no offense to the oft-injured Jamal Adams who gets paid a bunch of money but has never acted entitled in any way. Adams works hard to try to get back from his injuries and plays all-out when he finally does make it back on the field before he inevitably gets hurt again. I hope Adams never gets hurt again and I hope he plays lots of games to come for Seattle because he can make a huge impact. But that's all hope.

Julian Love, however, was very good for the New York Giants at strong safety last year. He proved to be a very tackler - he has missed just 4.5 percent of his tackle attempts in the past two seasons combined - and, according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required), Love had a good grade of 71.5 in pass coverage and 69.8 in pass rush. He also doesn't mind stick his nose in the scrum to try to bring a running back down either.

In training camp so far, Love has intercepted Geno Smith twice. On Tuesday, he was tested deep by Smith in an attempt to hit receiver Dee Eskridge in the end zone. Love put himself in excellent position and used his physicality to take the pass away. Another great thing about Love is that while he is a solid player, he also isn't afraid to show his emotions and good defensive backs do that more times than not. Basically, he puts a bit more boom in the defense.

Love was a starter for the Giants last year and at this point, he is going to start for the Seahawks in 2023. And even if Jamal Adams were practicing in training camp, Love might be battling him for a starting spot. Adams might beat him out if Adams were healthy, but he's not and Love is. Love could be the long-term starting safety opposite Quandre Diggs for Seattle.

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