4 Seattle Seahawks who could be entering their last season with the team in 2023

The Seahawks are about to embark on their 2023 campaign, but four players on the current roster might not be back in 2024.
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Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith

Geno Smith not on the team in 2024? I am an idiot, right? (OK, I might be an actual idiot, and I wouldn't argue with you on that point.) But while Geno Smith was excellent in 2022, better in the first half than the second half of the season, he absolutely has to prove himself again in 2023. The Seahawks re-signed Smith to a front-loaded contract this offseason, but if he doesn't do well this coming year he likely won't be back.

Smith is hurt by the fact that so many college quarterbacks who could be available in the 2024 NFL draft appear so close to being ready to take over starting for an NFL team. Yeah, maybe if Seattle decides to move on from Geno Smith and replaces him with a rookie then the team will take a momentary step back in 2024, but that would also be expected. Would Seattle be better in 2026 and far beyond in this situation than keeping Smith?

We will know a lot more about the answer to that question after 2023, of course, but the season is going to go one of two ways for Geno Smith. One is that he uses all the weapons he has, and Smith will have a bunch in the form of DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, Kenneth Walker III, and Jaxon Smith-Njigba, and drives the offense to great success this year. The other option is Smith is just fine but that a different, younger quarterback could potentially drive the bus better over the next five years.

General manager John Schneider signed Geno Smith the way Schneider wanted to. Smith's dead cap jumps to $31.2 million - still not a lot for a high-quality starting NFL QB - next year, but his dead cap is just $17.4 million. Seattle would save money by releasing Smith. The hope is that Smith is very good again this season, though, so that even his $31 million in 2024 looks like a bargain.

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