Seahawks news: Dee Eskridge a breakout star, and Sherman speaks about the end

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In Seattle Seahawks news for Monday, Seattle Sports' Brock Huard thinks Dee Eskridge can have a breakout season in 2023. And Richard Sherman says he's done and he knew exactly when the thought occurred to him. And if anyone thinks Sherman can't be humble, the story might surprise you.

But Huard saying D'Wayne Eskridge might have a productive season this year might be even more surprising. And that's not meant as any offense to Huard as he knows his stuff. But thinking Eskridge, who has done next-to-nothing in his two years in the NFL, will have a good season might be more hopeful than based on anything we've seen from Eskridge so far.

Huard has produced a pretty impressive run of picking breakout performers for the Seahawks over the years, however. Last year he picked cornerback Tariq Woolen and few were expecting Woolen to be as good as he was. The 2022 rookie had 6 interceptions and that tied for the league lead.

Seahawks news for Monday: Eskridge to break out and Sherman retiring?

Last Thursday on the Seattle Sports morning show Brock and Salk, Huard said that he hopes whoever the breakout player for Seattle is in 2023 (and there always seems to be at least one) comes from the defensive side, but if he had to "bet money," he'd guess Eskridge is the guy. Said Huard, "I think the former second-rounder has the kind of athleticism, has the kind of clay to mold that if the head can be on straight, if he can stay healthy (he can produce)."

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Of course, those are the same questions Eskridge hasn't answered in the affirmative so far. He's missed 13 games in two years and been extremely unproductive in the 20 games he has played with just 17 catches for 122 yards (he also has 69 yards rushing). Now, after the Seahawks took Jaxon Smith-Njigba in the 2023 draft, Eskridge is buried even further down the depth chart. Still, let's hope Huard is correct.

As far as former Seahawks great Richard Sherman basically saying he's retiring on a recent episode of his podcast that bears his name, he said he knew he couldn't chase young guys around when Sherman was playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and he was attempting to cover Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeVonta Smith. Sherman thought he had Smith locked down on a play, Smith made a quick cut, and Sherman tried to go with Smith, but Sherman felt his groin pop. On the podcast, Sherman said, "At that moment, I was like, 'Yeah, this is probably my last year. I don't got it for these young dudes right now.'"

Sherman, of course, has been a part of Amazon Prime Video's Thursday Night Football broadcast and does an excellent job. Never one to be afraid to speak his peace, but do so with intelligence, Sherman brings a fresh view to things. While he did play for a couple of other teams in his career, he will likely be remembered by 12s as being a member of the Legion of Boom that helped the Seahawks win the franchise's first Super Bowl.

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