ESPN and highly disagree about the Seattle Seahawks safeties

The Seattle Seahawks have a bunch of talent at safety but ESPN seems to miss that fact.
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The Seattle Seahawks have a very good safety room. Mind you, maybe the group hasn't played together all that much, but there is enough individual talent on the unit where we can assume once they do (if they do, I guess) that the back end of the Seahawks defense isn't going to be a concern. At least, not in 2023.

But if you ask ESPN maybe there isn't that much individual talent among the group that includes Quandre Diggs, Julian Love, and Jamal Adams. OK, I get it. Adams is seemingly always injured so who knows how good he will actually be every again. But let's assume he stays healthy for once and is 80 percent of what he was in 2020. That would be a pretty good player, wouldn't he?

ESPN, however, has no Seattle safeties in their top 10 ranking of the position and only Quandre Diggs gets an honorable mention. Diggs has shown himself to be one of the better safeties in the NFL over the last few seasons - three straight Pro Bowl appearances! - and needs to be in the top 10 but ESPN said "no." Oh, well. ESPN is wrong.

Seattle Seahawks safeties are a good group, no matter what ESPN thinks

But has the Seahawks safety room ranked as the best in the league, so go figure. In fact, Bucky Brooks of says of Seattle's safeties, along with young cornerback Tariq Woolen and Devon Witherspoon, "give the Seahawks the potential to create the second coming of the Legion of Boom." Now, that sounds really good!

But in all honesty, there could be a few concerns. Diggs should be fine. But how will Love fit with the Seahawks after only being a full-time starter in one season with the New York Giants? Can he cover well enough to help on deep passes?

And will Jamal Adams ever be able to play at full-health again? If he does come back early in 2023, can he not get hurt once again during the season? He just has too many questions to be counted on this year or next or even beyond. This is one reason the Seahawks signed Love.

On paper, though, even just having Diggs and Love would be a good safety combination. If Adams plays at all, excellent. But safety will not be an issue for the Seahawks in 2023.

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