ESPN says this receiver would be perfect for Seahawks in the 2023 NFL draft

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The Seattle Seahawks need a WR3 in the 2023 NFL draft. The receiver chosen could also replace Tyler Lockett one day soon as well. And according to ESPN, the perfect receiver in April's draft is Tennessee's Jalin Hyatt.

Hyatt is 6-feet tall but needs to add a little weight. He is only about 175 pounds and that kind of weight won't take a lot of the type of punishment Hyatt will see from NFL defensive backs. But in an NFL weight training program, Hyatt should be able to add some muscle without losing speed.

And speed is what separates Hyatt from most other receivers in the 2023 draft. He proved in 2022 against Alabama, a team always laden with NFL-type talent, that he can not only be effective but spectacular. He had 6 receptions for 207 yards in the Vols' 52-49 victory over the Tide this season, but 5 of Hyatt's receptions went for touchdowns. It was a remarkable performance.

Could Jalin Hyatt be a great pick for the Seahawks in the second round of the 2023 draft?

The question about Hyatt, though, is whether he can transcend simply being a product of the Vols' offensive system. Tennessee head coach Josh Huepel gets paid lots of money to win college football games. If his plays go to the NFL and do well, that is great for his program. But there is no doubt that Tennessee's system would not work in the NFL because the receivers are spread out so wide and the ball is snapped so quickly that any defensive pressure is going to disrupt the system.

Hyatt has physical skill, sure. But can he be good in the NFL or was he simply left in a lot of one-on-one coverage in college where he was good enough to beat the college player across from him? Of course, NFL defensive backs are much better than college ones, and the overall schemes are better too. Hyatt was also only really productive in one year in college which might imply he was successful more because of Tennessee's system than his own talent.

But on a far more positive side, Hyatt wasn't expected to be Tennessee's number 1 receiver at the beginning of last year. Cedric Tillman was coming off an excellent season in 2021 and was expected to be the focus of Tennessee's passing game, but Tillman was injured early in 2022 and Hyatt got his chance to be showcased. Hyatt made the most of his opportunity and went from a guy who might not have even been drafted had he left college early to a potential first-round choice, winning the Fred Biletnikoff Award as the nation's best receiver in the process.

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ESPN says Hyatt would go to the Seahawks in the second round, though. And if Seattle was going to choose Hyatt this would be a perfect spot. Hyatt may in fact be a great NFL receiver, but I still have my doubts as he needs to show he can be successful outside of his college system. Still, he is worth the risk as long as it isn't in the first round.