Change your heart or die: Evaluating Seahawks 2023 draft class

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Seahawks overall grade: B+

Seattle did a lot of things right in the draft this year. They didn't reach for anyone I thought couldn't have been found later in the draft, and when they had the opportunity to pick good players, they did so, rather than trading back simply because they thought they knew better.

I still would like to see a clearer direction for the defense, but the personnel is unquestionably more talented than it was before. They can figure out what to do with all the extra talent as they practice together and talk through film sessions.

It's a surreal experience, writing a draft breakdown like this, because usually, it's just the opposite — I know why these players in particular were drafted, but I can't help but wonder what they could have done with other players that were still on the board. Here, it feels like every one of these guys was the best player available.

What they'll choose to do with these guys, especially the ones on the defensive side of the ball, is anyone's guess. Given Seattle's penchant for evolving their defense as the season wears on, not having a clearly-defined plan might be the scariest football-related thing I can think of.

But there's also opportunity in that sort of approach — it could allow the Seahawks to tailor their scheme to the guys they have for the first time since the formation of the Legion of Boom. And like the original LOB team, there are a lot of guys on the roster with diverse talents and skill sets that don't necessarily fit together quite yet.

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If Pete Carroll can find a way to make something out of this mishmash of talent and athleticism for a second time, there should be no reason left to question him on anything football-related, because he will have cemented himself alongside Bill Belichick and Andy Reid as one of the greatest coaches of this generation.