4 Seattle Seahawks facing boom or bust seasons in 2023

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Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith

Geno Smith was signed to a three-year extension this past offseason but the deal is really a one-year prove-it-again contract. If Geno Smith isn't as good in 2023 as he was last year, the Seahawks can move on and look for another long-term quarterback. Next season, Smith would have a cap hit of $31,200,000 and a deac cap of $17,400,000 so Seattle would save almost $14 million by not bringing back in 2024.

Of course, the hope is that Geno Smith is even better this year than last, and there's no reason to think he won't be. He will have more weapons to work with since Seattle drafted Smith-Njigba and running back Zach Charbonnet, plus all the other productive offensive skill players return this year. Smith should have a better offensive line in front of him as well as we can assume that at least the center spot has been upgraded.

Since the Seahawks have been the only team to take a chance on Smith for several years now, we can probably assume that if he doesn't have a good season in 2023 then not many teams are going to be drooling over the prospect of bringing Smith to their team. That's a bit of shame in my opinion because Smith seems like a good guy and I hope he is a multi-time Pro Bowler.

And maybe he could be. Lots of people still doubt what they saw with their own eyes in 2022 and that Smith was really good. The statistics bear that out as well as he led the NFC in touchdown passes with 30 and led the entire NFL in completion percentage at 69.8. Basically, there aren't many quarterbacks in the NFC better than Smith. He might even be good enough to lead the Seahawks to a deep playoff run this year.

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