4 false narratives surrounding the Seattle Seahawks in 2023

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The Seattle Seahawks weren't expected to be great in 2022 and they exceeded expectations. No, they weren't truly great, but it was fantastic how much they quieted the national pundits as Seattle made a playoff run. The young talent produced and the veterans were better than some thought possible.

Seattle appears to have had another successful offseason in 2023. The draft brought in some high-talent that now just needs to show they can, like the 2022 class, excel immediately as well. Seattle got some help for position groups that needed it, too, in free agency.

But 2023 is almost more of a turning point than 2022. Few thought Seattle would have a winning record last year and they did and that raises hopes for 2023. But there are many narratives surrounding the team that will need to be answered. Here are four false ones.

False narrative No. 1: Seahawks offensive line isn't very good

Several national sites, including Pro Football Focus (subscription required), have the Seahawks' offensive line ranked very low compared to the other teams in the NFL. PFF has Seattle as having the 30th-best (or third-worst, however, you want to see it) offensive line in the league. But what's worse is that in many cases, including PFF's, the line is somehow ranked worse in 2023 than in 2022. Why?

Seattle will enter the season with two tackles that were solid as rookies and should be even better now that they have more experience. Those players are Charles Cross and Abraham Lucas, of course. And even PFF had left guard Damien Lewis ranked as one of the better guards in the NFL last year.

But Seattle has improved at center, whether that is with solid veteran Evan Brown or fantastic rookie Olu Oluwatimi starting. The Seahawks have also gotten better at right guard even if Phil Haynes is the starter because he didn't start at the beginning of 2022 and ended up splitting snaps with Gabe Jackson. Jackson is no longer with the team and was not effective in 2022. Heck, rookie Anthony Bradford might start at right guard and he's be an upgrade over Jackson, too.