4 Seattle Seahawks fan favorites who are in danger of being cut before Week 1

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Seahawks fullback Nick Bellore

Bellore seems to be released every year by the Seahawks and then brought back on a reworked contract. It will be a little different for Seattle to do that this season as Bellore signed the fullback/linebacker to a two-year contract that only allows for $300,000 in cap savings if he isn't on the active roster at the beginning of the season. But while Bellore is very good on special teams, he's listed as a fullback or a linebacker on the roster and he doesn't play much at either of those spots.

There is no question Bellore is a fan favorite. He "hosts" the show Between Two Bellores on the Seahawks official website and he keeps his teammates loose not only by doing that show but also by being a positive, veteran voice in the locker room of a team with an ever-younger roster. But because Bellore is 34 years old and much of Seattle's talent is a lot younger, Bellore might be keeping a roster spot that the Seahawks need to give to a guy in their first or second year.

Basically, this year could be the flip of previous seasons. In previous years, Bellore was an underpaid excellent special teams player who Seattle had room for on the roster. 2023 could be the year where Seattle has a ton of young talent that needs to be kept on the roster and one way of doing that is by playing them on special teams. Meanwhile, Bellore is slightly overpaid for a special teams player.

Still, here's hoping Bellore does make the team because he is a well-respected veteran who goes about his business the correct way. He never takes plays off and is a team-first guy. And by doing whatever the team asks him to do, he is a great example for the guys behind him.