Seahawks fans should breathe sigh of relief DK Metcalf mentioned John Schneider

Something DK Metcalf said should allow for 12s to relax.
DK Metcalf of the Seattle Seahawks
DK Metcalf of the Seattle Seahawks / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

DK Metcalf is about to border on being underpaid. The Seattle Seahawks' cap hit in 2024 is $24,500,000. That is a lot of money to the average person, but compared to other NFL wide receivers, it isn't.

Metcalf is signed through 2025 currently, and his cap hit increases to $29,500,471 next year. Still, that is a lot of money. But not that much in terms of NFL receivers. That is the key.

When Metcalf's agent goes to the Seahawks' brass, the agent is not going to say, "The average pay for an American worker is (this). We will be happy with $2,000 more than that." That is not how the world works.

Instead, the agent is going to say to chairperson Jody Allen, general manager John Schneider, and the rest of Seattle's front office, "The top four highest-paid receivers in the league all make on average $30 million a season. Do you not think DK Metcalf is one of the best receivers in the league?"

Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf doesn't forget to praise John Schneider

Seattle then has a decision to make. Sign Metcalf to a contract that pays him more than $30 million a season beginning in 2026 or find a receiver to take his place. That is likely to be the real mathematics of the situation after the 2025 season.

During the 2019 NFL draft, Metcalf had to wait a long time to be chosen. He went late in the second round. Seattle passed him up earlier in the draft but so did almost every other team. This has not been lost on Metcalf.

During a Q&A with the media after practice at Seattle's mandatory minicamp, Metcalf praised former head coach Pete Carroll. Metcalf said he would not be talking to the media in Seattle had Carroll not decided to take him in 2019. At the time, Carroll had complete control over the final roster. If he wanted to choose a player in the draft then the Seahawks were going to take that player.

Metcalf put on a phenomenal performance at the 2019 combine, but still teams passed on him. The theory was he could not run a full route tree. Plus, he had a neck injury in college and he might not be capable of playing entire seasons consistently.

Instead, Metcalf has missed only one game in his five-year career because he was hurt. Betting on Metcalf to stay injured at this point seems illogical. He has been productive and a good teammate. He also is not afraid to thank not only Pete Carroll for taking him but John Schneider too.

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While speaking to the press after minicamp, Metcalf said, "(Carroll is) the one. He’s the reason that I’m standing right here in front of y’all, along with John (Schneider)." Whew.

If Metcalf was happy to be a Seahawk because of Carroll, and Carroll was relieved of his duties this offseason by the team then Metcalf might be less happy to stay a part of the organization. Seattle needs Metcalf to be a part of the team for years to come. Schneider probably knows that, too. At least Metcalf appreciates Schneider being a part of the group that chose him in the draft. Maybe that will make extension talks as soon as next offseason go more smoothly.

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