Seahawks fans should breathe a sigh of relief after learning of Justin Fields' trade

Sam Howell is greater than Justin Fields.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers should be thankful to have head coach Mike Tomlin. Few coaches in the NFL could be given the potential mess that is having both Russell Wilson and Justin Fields on the roster and still uphold team culture. Wilson might have had issues in the locker room in his past and Fields might not be all that coachable. The great thing is Seattle Seahawks fans do not have to worry about that situation.

Plus, while trading for Sam Howell might not turn out to be more productive than the Steelers giving a conditional sixth-round choice to the Chicago Bears in return for Fields, three important factors make adding Howell instead of Fields a much smarter move by general manager John Schneider. Two of those points are Howell's contract.

While Pittsburgh is only having to pay Fields $3.233 million, he is only signed for one season. The Steelers could pick up his fifth-year option but that would cost Pittsburgh around $25 million. Why would Pittcburgh do that? What sense does it make to give a team a Day 3 pick for a quarterback who isn't trusted enough to be a starter in 2024 and then pay him $25 million in 2025?

Seahawks fans can be happier with Sam Howell than Justin Fields

Seattle got the better deal with Howell because he is still under contract for two more seasons and is only costing the Seahawks no more than $1.1 million this year or next. Seattle should be set at quarterback for at least two seasons assuming Geno Smith stays productive. Both Smith and Howell are under contract through 2025.

The third point is that Howell seems willing to do anything his team asks. He has a reputation for being coachable and will adapt to any scheme the best he can. He has proven that in his two seasons. Fields seems incapable of becoming anything other than a quarterback who can run well but remains inaccurate when throwing.

Sure, Pittsburgh gave up less in draft capital than did Seattle in adding Howell, but the extra year of Howell and the cheaper contract make up for that in comparing what the Seahawks did to Pittsburgh. Howell likely has a higher ceiling as a passer than Fields as well. Add to that that if either quarterback is forced into duty after an injury to the presumed starters in front of them, Howell seems more trustworthy to stay within himself than Fields does.

One final bit of this is that theoretically, Russell Wilson could still be the Seahawks quarterback. Seattle just traded him two offseasons ago before Wilson had his comeuppance under Sean Payton with the Denver Broncos. Can you imagine what chaos might have been wrought had Pete Carroll brought in Fields to compete with Russell Wilson? Thankfully, that is something 12s never had to worry about.

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