4 former Seattle Seahawks players looking for revenge in 2023

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Every NFL team goes through some attrition, of course, which might make it interesting when the Seattle Seahawks face some former players during the 2023 season. Maybe not all of the players that follow left under bad terms, but athletes will use any kind of motivation to play well. Beating a former team? That's an easy one.

Seattle will face a bunch of former players in 2023, but seem to have a rash of guys who left the team this offseason that they will go against. At least this season is a bit different than 2022, however. Last year Seattle had to go against Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson, perhaps the best linebacker and best quarterback in franchise history who left after 2021.

Of course, the Seahawks won all three of those matchups. Maybe that trend will last into 2023 as well. But these four players might have something to say about that.

Marquise Goodwin - Former Seahawks wide receiver

Marquise Goodwin was a, pardon the pun, good find in 2022 for Seattle. A player who had bounced around in the NFL a bit actually had moments of excellence in 2022. Was he brilliant throughout the entire year? No. But he still finished with 4 touchdown receptions and averaged 14.3 yards a catch.

Goodwin probably played well enough, and wouldn't be too expensive, to bring back this year, but Seattle decided to go in a different direction. Goodwin signed with the Cleveland Browns and Seattle drafted Jaxon Smith-Njigba in the first round of the 2023 draft. Still, is Goodwin not even as good as Dee Eskridge?

That might be some of the motivation Goodwin needs to try to help his new team beat the Seahawks when Cleveland travels to Seattle in Week 8. Maybe 12s will even give Goodwin a bit of an applause because he may have only been in Seattle for a year, but he played his butt off while with the Seahawks.