4 former Seattle Seahawks players looking for revenge in 2023

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L.J. Collier - Former Seahawks defensive lineman

What to takeaway from L.J. Collier's time in Seattle? He was undeniably a first-round bust but what exactly happened? Collier started every game for the Seahawks in 2020 and then was a healthy scratch for many games in 2021. He didn't fare any better in 2022, either. Collier was simply never good overall with Seattle, and was atrocious against the run.

It might make one wonder, though, exactly what happened between 2020 and 2021. Why did Seattle start him all the time and then think, "Nah, we can do better"? It seems like something happened off the field between the two years that made the Seahawks coaching staff have serious doubts about even having Collier on the active roster.

Collier left this offseason and joined the Arizona Cardinals on a one-year deal worth $1,232,500. He has a dead cap of only $76,250 so even the Cardinals seemed to be taking a flyer on Collier. It would cost them next to nothing to release him when final roster cuts are made prior to the season beginning. But for our sake here, let's assume Collier makes the Cardinals roster.

Collier would then have two chances to prove to the Seahawks that he should have been re-signed in Seattle and he could have made a more positive impact in future seasons. No former Seahawk, in fact, should be more motivated to do well against Seattle this year than Collier. But here's doubting he does because L.J. Collier simply isn't a very good football player.