3 former Seattle Seahawks starters who might be done in the NFL

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The Seattle Seahawks might be done with free agency in 2023, but some former Seahawks that are still free agents might be done with their careers. Of course, veterans can wait a bit longer than young players to be signed, especially when it gets closer to the start of a season, because they know teams have a lot of tape on them. That could also cost them jobs as well if teams think they might be a bit too old.

There are a bunch of former Seattle players that remain free agents. Defensive tackle Shelby Harris only played for Seattle for one season, and there have been rumors that maybe Seattle even brings him back in 2023, and he looks like he can still play. But he is almost 32 years old (ancient, I know!) so maybe no one will sign him.

The same could be said about Jadeveon Clowney. He is seemingly an old 30 years old and has been oft-injured since 2014 and only once has he played a full season. Still, he is so skilled some team (maybe even Seattle?) will probably sign him to a lucrative one-year deal. But which former Seattle Seahawks could actually be done in the league?

Justin Coleman - Former Seahawks cornerback

Coleman has played two terms with Seattle (he started a bunch of games in 2017 and 2018) and the first go was much better than the most recent one. The weird part is that prior to the 2023 season, Coleman was pretty good with the Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions. Last year for Coleman was pretty much a complete failure, though.

After signing with Seattle last offseason, most probably expected him to be the starter at nickelback. But then rookie Coby Bryant took his in training camp. Coleman isn't really capable of playing outside corner in Seattle's system so the team didn't try to re-sign him this offseason.

But now Coleman is 30 years old (really old for a cornerback) and teams may not want to sign him as he is such a limited player. He isn't terrible in coverage, but at this stage of his career teams might just want someone younger to be the slot corner instead of Coleman. But Coleman still exceeded any expectations of him in his career as he was undrafted out of college in 2015 and still had a solid career.